RecPro Dealership Solution Software by Dealer Services Network

Full-Service Reconciliation Suite for Dealerships

RecPro is a reconciliation tool suite that provides tremendous time savings value for Finance Reserves reconciliations, increases accounting productivity and creates added accountability for your dealership. This comprehensive platform is easy to use and stores your reconciled transactions in a very organized manner, making transaction research super-efficient.

  • Drastically Improved Reconciliation Times
  • Reduced Accounting Costs
  • Auto-Generate Electronic Journal Entries
  • Simple Data Import Tools
  • Access to Set-Up Difference & Charge Back Reports
  • Archives All Reconciled Transactions
RecPro Dealership Solution Software by Dealer Services Network

How It Works


Upload Data

Import Statement and Payment data for Reconciliation.



Make Adjustment Entries and Reconcile.


Reports & Events

Reporting and entry data are available for posting.

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