Providing Low-Cost Cloud Titling & Motor Vehicle Record Access for Texas Franchised Auto Dealers.

Quickview Technologies, specializes in providing low-cost Cloud Titling and Motor vehicle Record access for Texas Franchised auto dealers.


A Modern Cloud App for Accessing Texas Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Records.

Our QuickVTR product allows Dealers to access Texas Motor Vehicle Title and Registration records in real-time from TxDMV. It is common in Texas to call these records a TWiX.

  • Available for Licensed Customers
  • Prices start at $ 24.95 for up to 50 Monthly Records
  • Call (817) 583-6255 (ext 2) for more info

A Modern Cloud Title App for Texas Motor Vehicle and Trailer Dealers.

Our QuickTITLE product allows Dealers to import vehicle sales information from their DMS directly into our one-page web screen for title preparation, forms printing and upload to the TxDMV webDEALER application.

  • Compatible with TxDMV webDEALER and Dealer Management Systems such as CDK Drive (certified), Reynolds Ignite, DealerTrack, DealerBuilt, Tekion, IDS and Motility.
  • Flat rate price of $ 269.90 per Month
  • Included At No Extra Fee: Unlimited Title Clerks and Unlimited webDEALER/DMS Imports/Exports.
  • Printing for MCO, Dealer Reassignment, Title Assignment, Power Of Attorney, Customer Docs, Etc.
  • Call (817) 583-6255 (ext 2) for more info

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